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Rental Center

Rental Center: Construction / DIY

Skillsaw (Milwaukee) 7 1/4"

1/2" Conduit Bender

1/2" HD Milwaukee Drill

1/2" Impact Wrench (Milwaukee)

1/2" Right Angel Drill (Corded)

1/4 HP Sump Pump 1800 gal/ hour

12 Ton Jack Stand

125,000 BTUs LG Knipco Heater with Thermostat

2 Gallon Sprayer

3/4" Conduit Bender

4 1/4" Hole Saw

50' Air Hose

6 Ton Jack Stand

7/8" SDS Milwaukee Hammer Drill

9" Angle Grinder

Black & Decker Jig Saw

Bosch Electric Cement Saw

Bostitch 18GA Finish Nailer

Bostitch Finish Nailer

Bostitch Stick Nailer N80SB

Bull Float

Cement Mixer (Small) Mortar Mixer

Champion Generator

Clarke Blower

Contractor Bit Set

Drywall Screw Shooter

Gas Walk Behind Concrete Saw (Norton)

Grinder 4 1/2"

Hand Tamper 10 x 10

Hand Tile Cutter 14"

Heavy Duty Milwaukee Hammer Drill

Hilti Breaker Hammer

Hilti Cement Chop Saw (Mixed Gas 50: 1)

Husquvarna Cement Chop Saw (Mixed Gas (50:01)

Jack Hammer

Jumping Jack MTX- 60 Regular Gas

Lawn Roller - Pull Type

Lawn Roller - Push Type

Lock Installation Kit

Makita Chipping Hammer

Milwaukee Sawzall

Post Hole Digger (Clam Shell)

Post Hole Digger (Large 2 Man)

Post Hole Digger (Single 2 Man Reg Gas)

Power Trigger Hammer

Power Trowel 36"

Pressure Washer 18' Wand

Pressure Washer 3000 PSI (Gas)

Roof Brackets (Toe Holds)

Roofing Gun RN 45

Scaffolding (Per Section)

Sheetrock Lift

Submersible Pump 2"


Trash Pump 2" (Gas)

Trencher 24"

VCT/Glue Carbide Scraper

Wacker Packer (Sand Packer)

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