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Supplies Team

Kbs Supplies Supplies Team

KBS Supplies Team

The biggest asset we have at KBS is our people and EXPERIENCE MATTERS. Our sales team has the knowledge and expertise working with the products we sell so you get the right product for your building or remodeling project. Get started today by stopping in or call.

Ken Kreofsky, General Mgr./Outside Sales Plainview

Ken Kreofsky
General Mgr./Outside Sales Plainview

Ken Johnson, Assistant Division Manager

Ken Johnson
Assistant Division Manager

Bob Keppen, Outside Sales, Plainview

Bob Keppen
Outside Sales, Plainview

Brian Woxland, Outside Sales, Plainview

Brian Woxland
Outside Sales, Plainview

Charlie Bartz, Outside Sales, Plainview

Charlie Bartz
Outside Sales, Plainview

Ryan Murphy, Outside Sales, Plainview

Ryan Murphy
Outside Sales, Plainview

Tom Lawson, Retail Store Manager, Plainview

Tom Lawson
Retail Store Manager, Plainview

Ben Fort, Repair Technician

Ben Fort
Repair Technician

Tyler Kreofsky, Inside Sales, Plainview

Tyler Kreofsky
Inside Sales, Plainview

Robin Vrieze, Kitchen & Bath Designer

Robin Vrieze
Kitchen & Bath Designer

Mike Blair, Branch Manager

Mike Blair
Branch Manager

Shelby Lehnertz, Asst. Retail Store Mgr., Plainview

Shelby Lehnertz
Asst. Retail Store Mgr., Plainview

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