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What a Great Construction Management Company / Client Relationship Looks Like

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If it’s your first new build, you probably will go into the process with quite a few questions. There are the ones your contractor can answer, of course; When is the estimated date of completion? How much will this run me? But there also are the ones your contractor can’t answer objectively—take, for example, if their behavior is a sign of good client treatment, is simply industry standard, or a pretty fair indication that you’re the last item on their priority list.

Key Players in the Commercial Construction Process

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When you begin the process of a new build, it can be incredibly overwhelming. All of a sudden there are what seems like thousands of people who have their hands on the ball, and while certain construction management types make communication easy, you probably still want to know what’s going on behind the scenes and who’s doing what—we get it. This build is your company’s future, after all!

All About the Post-Construction Process

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Recently, on our construction company blog, we outlined the construction process in the entry “The Commercial Construction Process From Start to Finish.” The ‘finish’ we outlined there is called the post-construction stage, and without further definition, it might seem just like its name indicates: the stage in which no more work needs to be done. You might think that after your building is completed, the contractor washes their hands of it and you’re free to move right in—but it’s not that simple!

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