Selecting the Right Garage Door for Your Needs

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Take a minute to think about it now, though... vehicles parked out in the Minnesotan snow, your basement littered with things that otherwise would be stored in the garage, businesses struggling to maintain their rusting-out equipment… it’s safe to say that life would be much more of a headache without the help of overhead doors!

Three Things That Cause Garage Door Failure

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Take it from a garage door maintenance company: Your farm garage doors, commercial garage doors, or residential garage doors are oftentimes the lynchpin of a functioning operation, but that doesn’t become obvious until they can no longer play that role. Good luck getting your fleet, farming equipment, or even the family car out of a building with a busted garage door!

Why Hire a Professional to Winterize Your Garage Door

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Fall is here! If you’re like many Midwesterners, you’re busy soaking up those now-pleasant sun rays and, perhaps, making time to go on a nice hike and enjoy those fall leaves. While winters can be the worst here, at least autumn is gorgeous! As serene as your fall-time surroundings make you feel, though, now is the time to consider winterization practices for your home – including your garage door.

Getting Your Barn Ready for Winter

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As the leaves begin to fall and the oppressive heat of summer ceases, one thing becomes clear to farmers everywhere: it’s time for fall! While those working with crops can expect long hours preparing for harvest, many livestock activities tend to die down around this time of year. For example, the equine show season is usually finishing up around early September, and many species of farm animals—chickens and cattle, for example—tend to birth primarily in the spring or summer months, though farmers can, of course, artificially influence this.

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