All About the Post-Construction Process



All About the Post-Construction Process
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All About the Post-Construction Process

Recently, on our construction company blog, we outlined the construction process in the entry “The Commercial Construction Process From Start to Finish.” The ‘finish’ we outlined there is called the post-construction stage, and without further definition, it might seem just like its name indicates: the stage in which no more work needs to be done. You might think that after your building is completed, the contractor washes their hands of it and you’re free to move right in—but it’s not that simple!

The post-construction phase is an integral and multifaceted part of the work of any commercial construction business worth their salt. It’s designated as part of the whole that is commercial construction for a reason, after all—quite a bit goes on in it, and without thorough completion, getting your building up and running will be nothing but chaos.

So what exactly goes on during this phase, if it’s not construction itself? Why does it matter to your business? KBS Companies, your preferred Minnesota local construction company, outlines this phase below, describing how it’s the lynchpin of a solid transition from your current building to the new one.

The Post-Construction Phase Outlined

The machines quiet, the last floorboard is laid, and the workers give one another a pat on the back; the construction phase is complete! While your building might theoretically be sturdy enough for occupancy, it’s not yet officially so. Quite a bit, paper-work-wise and on-site, needs to happen before your team can move in and get to work.

The process of tying up loose ends to prepare a space for inhabitants is what’s known as the post-construction phase. While it’s not standardized—it’s more of a loose definition for a varied process—it nearly always involves 

Proper Cleanup

You don’t want to move your furniture into a space covered in sawdust, so it’s your Minnesota commercial construction company’s job to tidy up after themselves. A specialized company may be hired to rid the area of debris to ensure a professional finish. Again, this process is varied, but it tends to include

●        Sanitization of frequently handled areas

●        Cleaning up of tape, spare nails, and plastic bits

●        Power-washing of areas that have caked-on dirt

●        Mopping and sweeping

●        Tending to exterior landscaping

Without this part of the post-construction process, you’d be left moving into a space that’s in no way fit to welcome its own employees, let alone customers. Plus, the thrill of moving into a new building is far less enjoyable when grime abounds.

Lots of Paperwork

It’s not an overwhelming amount, considering the scope of the project just completed, but the amount of officiating documents and schematics can scare the unprepared. As cumbersome as it might appear at first glance, this deluge of documents serves a few functions: making sure your building checks out from multiple standpoints, complying with all legal codes, and, to put it simply, helping you to relax.

You’ll receive, for example, a signed document from the architect signalling the building has been completed as per the construction plan. This ensures that multiple professionals review the finished structure, each lending their expertise to making sure the project is both safe and completed to aesthetic standards.

Other documents will be on file with the proper legal authorities, which lets the owner know that the commercial construction company stands behind its work and that the building is officially safe to be inhabited as per protective codes.

Finally, lots of paperwork shows the client that all the bases are being taken care of—that they can relax, knowing their MN commercial construction company isn’t cutting any corners.

A Final Walkthrough

Your commercial construction company won’t expect you to walk into your building knowing how to work everything! That would feel a bit like trying to housesit—you sort of know how stuff is supposed to function, yet everything feels decidedly alien and stressful.

Before you set up shop, your commercial construction company will walk you through the entire building, describing in detail how to work everything, so that when you move in your building will already feel like home. You’ll also have the option to contribute input at this time. If you don’t like a wall’s color, for example, you can ask to have it changed.

All in all, this phase should make you feel at-ease and excited to begin using and designing the interior of your new space. Moving is a stressful time, whether you’re a business or homeowner; walkthroughs help to make it easier.

For a Transparent Commercial Construction Experience, Contact KBS Companies Today

Our prioritization of customer satisfaction and relationship-building means you’ll know what’s going on with your project each and every step of the way. We’re devoted to and stand by our work, because our clients deserve nothing but the best. If you’re looking to up your business’s ante with a new build, give our Plainview office a call today at 507-534-3855. You can also reach our Rochester location at 507-287-3264.

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