Your Rental Opportunities With KBS Companies
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Your Rental Opportunities With KBS Companies

At KBS Companies, as a building materials supplier and lumberyard, we pride ourselves on carrying exactly what it is you need to get the job done. No matter if you work in construction, run an agricultural operation or hobby farm, or are simply a diehard do-it-yourselfer, we’re here to help you get the supplies you need for your particular lifestyle. Lumber, siding, windows, farm supplies, kitchen cabinets—you name it, we stock it. Plus, with our huge team and their variety of expertise, there is always someone around who has the answers to your questions. We’re an invaluable resource for newbies and professionals alike in many industries, trades, or hobbies. Not just anyone can work at our stores!

However, helpful staff and a variety of products are only part of what we do to serve you. We also are a well-stocked, customer-focused rental center. After all, you can’t get your job done without the proper tools, equipment, and advice, and many people choose not to buy. It’s just another way we, at KBS Companies, follow through on our commitment to helping as many people and fulfilling as many needs as we can.

But why invest in rental equipment in the first place, if KBS Companies stocks similar equipment in some cases? While the reasons for renting are personal and unique to every customer, tool renting might be right for you if:

●        It’s a one-time job | Are you a hobby farmer who needs a couple of fence posts reset after a particularly wet year? While you might need a post hole digger to get the job done, if the animals you house are relatively nondestructive, you might not need that post hole digger for years after its initial use. In this case, it might be much more economical to rent out the equipment instead of buying something you’ll only use occasionally. Likewise, if you’re a new homeowner who just needs to pressure-wash the patio in the backyard after the previous owners let it go to ruin, you might not have much use for the pressure washer after that job is done (if you do, though, you’re far better off buying!). Both examples demonstrate that rental is a smart choice for people who would only use the equipment occasionally.

●        You’re low on funds | While in an ideal world we’d all be able to afford the equipment we need, and while KBS Companies strives to keep our services affordable and accessible, the fact of the matter is that, sometimes, owning your dream tool can be out of your price range. This doesn’t mean, though, that you can’t ever use it! Renting makes top-notch, brand-name equipment available to more income levels than ever. It’s a great choice for people who experience economic barriers to equipment ownership. At KBS Companies, we’re proud to say that you can still experience the sense of power and fulfillment that comes from great tools at a price that fits your budget, and that our rental equipment makes this possible.

●        You don’t feel comfortable taking on the maintenance requirements of the equipment | All tools, no matter their brand or how well they’re made, require maintenance to keep functioning at their best. Alongside requiring monetary investment, this maintenance can sometimes require mechanical knowledge that many people who aren’t industry professionals don’t have. While there’s always the option of seeking professional help for your tools, if you fall into this camp, some people choose to skip the hassle of maintenance entirely and just opt for rentals instead.

Rentals are a great option for many people and for many situations, but some dual-purpose companies fail to cater to their customers in the rental department because they’re so busy with their for-ownership sections. This isn’t the case with KBS Companies.

Your Rental Options with KBS Companies Are Plentiful

Our rental customers are just as important to us as those who seek to buy. That’s why our rental equipment selection is so large! We offer:

●        Event equipment rental | From canopies to tables, we have everything you need to host an awesome summer bash with our party rentals—social distancing guidelines taken into account, of course. Purchasing this sort of equipment might not be economically smart for many people, as such large events only happen once in a long while. That’s what makes them so special, after all!

●        Construction equipment | Are you using your time away from work to make some home improvements? We’ve got just the rental equipment to help. Are you a contractor who just needs a replacement tool until your old favorite comes back from the repair shop? We have equipment for you, too.

●        Lawn equipment | Early summer, once all of the grass has grown in, is prime lawn maintenance season. We’ve got just the thing you need to make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood, and at a budget-friendly rental price to boot.

Don’t Know What You Need? KBS Companies is Here to Help

Rental equipment or owned equipment, we’re ready to help you decide—and we’ll help you pick just the tool for the job. With questions about our service or products, please call our Plainview location at 507-534-3855 or our Rochester location at 507-287-3264.

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