Must-Have Equipment for New Chicken Farmers
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Must-Have Equipment for New Chicken Farmers

Whether you run a large-scale agricultural operation or a small hobby farm, country life just isn’t complete without chickens. Their comedic antics and constantly vacant expressions make them a joy to watch, and their versatility as production animals cannot be understated. White Leghorns are egg-laying powerhouses, various broiler breeds can be at full size in weeks, and there are plenty of birds that are bred to excel as both meat producers and egg-layers.

There truly is a chicken for every purpose – yes, even companionship! The docile and fluffy Silkie, while not amazing in the laying department, is well known for its snuggly personality and gentle mannerisms. Some Silkies even are licensed therapy birds! If you’re working to teach your children the monetary and emotional value of raising livestock, this breed is a great place to begin.

In short, as someone with the time, space, money, and legal permission, you’d be wise to start raising chickens, even if it’s just a few. Where to begin, though? Chickens, just like any other animal, require special care and, at minimum, a cursory knowledge of how to prevent the spread of disease.

It’s the ethical livestock owner’s duty to research and understand what products they’ll need to invest in before bringing chicks, pullets, or laying hens home. By doing this, you’ll better ensure the health of your birds (both present and future), as well as better secure your profits, the quality of your produce, and the enjoyment of your poultry. These animals’ lives are now in your hands, and you have a duty to show your respect to them by providing them with the highest-quality living conditions possible.

As providers of barn construction services and farm supplies, KBS Companies is here to help. Regardless of the size of your intended operation, we have the products and know-how to get your chicken-raising adventures started. With our talented farm building team and our wide variety of livestock equipment, you’re almost certain to find what you need with us. Below, we’ll discuss a few bits of knowledge and items that every chicken owner needs to get their poultry operation started off on the right foot, so you can walk into our store feeling knowledgeable and empowered.

Let’s talk flock!

Different Chickens Have Different Needs

Consider the breed of chicken you have your eye on. Does it tend to bear confinement well? How much space does each individual bird require? Bantams, for example, can get by with a smaller farm building than can full-sized birds.

Everything you’ll need for your chickens, from what pre-engineered building you use to house your livestock to how many waterers you need, can boil down to what breed you buy, how you choose to keep it (free-range or confined), and for what purpose (enjoyment, showing, meat, eggs, or a combination of the four). That’s why, as a novice chicken keeper, it’s so important to find an attentive and client-focused vendor like KBS Companies to aid you, as each person’s needs in this context can vary.

Of course, chickens are all poultry at the end of the day, and most breeds and operations will therefore require:

●        Hanging waterers. Chickens love to scratch and forage in the dirt. While this can be endearing to watch, it means that they have an uncanny ability to soil even the most meticulously kept waterers. Hanging the birds’ water supply above the ground can help to keep it clean, which in turn can assist in stopping the spread of various diseases, such as vent gleet.

●        Some form of supplies to promote proper waste clean-up. There’s no way around it: chickens are messy. Cleaning up after them not only is essential to keeping your property looking good, but it also keeps your birds healthy and prevents the spread of highly contagious insect infestations, which are incredibly difficult to get rid of and can be lethal to your flock. Consider investing in handled squeegees or specialized rakes to keep your birds (and your land!) happy and healthy.

●        A solid air circulation system. Coops which are poorly ventilated can both overheat your birds and contribute to the spread of respiratory ailments. It’s in your best interests, especially if your operation is large-scale, to look into what kind of ventilation system your flock will need. Smaller buildings might be set with holes in the sides that allow for adequate air passage, while larger, more densely-packed ones might need the assistance of fans and the like.

KBS Has Everything You Need for Chicken Farming

We’re your one-stop shop for all your agricultural supplies and for friendly, down-home service. Should you have questions about any of our products give our Plainview location a call at 507-534-3855, or our Rochester building at 507-534-3855. We look forward to fulfilling your needs, so stop in today and let’s chat!

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