Finding the Perfect Cabinetry for Your Needs
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Finding the Perfect Cabinetry for Your Needs

Cabinetry is indeed an art. From cutting the boards to sanding and staining, every single piece must be cared for and attended to as much as any painting or sculpture before they reach the hands of the consumer. In a similar vein, it could be said that buying cabinetry is also akin to art. The consumer must possess knowledge of different wood types, brands, and, in some cases, even the makers themselves in order to come home with a prime purchase. They must scour the internet or comb through their social networks to find the best cabinet for their needs. They must walk into the shop knowing what they want, but also willing to be educated, as the world of cabinetry is undoubtedly wide. That’s sure quite a few demands to juggle, especially for the layperson—homeowners and the like—who don’t go through this process day in and day out!

If you’re a cabinet buying newbie, no need to fret; KBS Companies is here to help. As a cabinet supplier for homeowners and a provider of wholesale cabinets for businesses, we’ve helped countless customers just like you go home satisfied with the perfect bathroom cabinets or kitchen cabinets for your home. Below, we’ll dive into the basics of selecting the perfect cabinets for your needs.

Finding the Right Cabinetry Starts with Finding the Right Company to Help

Cabinets are a big purchase—especially given the current circumstances! They’re not a decision to be made without the help of the competent professional at your side. At the same time, though, that professional must be respectful of your wants and needs, despite probably having more experience with cabinetry than you. At the end of the day, when it comes to making a huge purchase, if you aren’t happy, then nobody wins.

Take it from KBS Companies: we’ve been offering a top-notch cabinetry-buying experience for years. We know the impact the cabinet supplier has on the customer experience, and we’ve been striving to send every cabinet customer that enters our store out with a smile. Researching cabinet suppliers, in addition to the cabinet makers themselves, will help you find a cabinet-buying partner who truly has your best interests at heart, though we think you’ll be more than satisfied with our service philosophy.

Of course, in addition to researching suppliers, you must do a little personal research, of sorts. Ask yourself the right questions to determine what you desire in a cabinetry set, and you’ll walk into the store ready for a streamlined and smart shopping experience.

Don’t know where to begin? No worries; we’ve got you.

●        How much are you looking to spend? Ideally, you’ll answer this question first, but many people like to get inspired before they get down to the nitty-gritty. We recommend, though, not letting your imagination get away from you, and instead, being practical and budget-minded right out of the gates, as it prevents disappointments down the line or your getting in over your head. Come up with a concrete number of dollars you’re willing to part with before venturing any further into cabinet catalogs or online image searches. Trust us: you’ll thank yourself later.

●        What sort of staining are you looking for? Cabinets, just like many pieces of woodwork, come in all sorts of hues and finishes. Some even can be customized to fit your exact needs. A quick internet search can show you all the possibilities! Of course, what stain suits you best comes down to a bit more than personal taste; certain hardware, such as knobs or handles, can compliment certain stains more than others. Asking for a variety of opinions from your cabinet supplier and your friends and family alike can help you make a more thought-out decision.

●        What kind of wood appeals to you? Is it practical? This question might require a little more digging—or else a long visit with your cabinet supplier. The type of wood that makes up your cabinetry affects everything from its price to its longevity to how well it takes paint or stain. Every type of wood performs differently under the same stressors, so it pays to brush up on the basics and go into your cabinet supplier’s store with at least a vague idea of what type of wood you want. Professional help will fill in the blanks in your knowledge base, but you’ll feel empowered and proud of the decision you’re making if you play an active role in it by doing your research beforehand.

Contact KBS Companies for All of your Cabinetry Needs

From painted cabinets to stained, we stock it all, and we do so while representing a variety of brands and price points. To top it all off, we’re service-minded and solution-orientated; we want to work with you to find the right solution, not push something onto you, or to go after your pocketbook. For the best cabinet supplier around, give our Rochester office a call at 507-287-3264. For folks interested in our Plainview location, you can reach us at 507-534-3855.


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