Why Hire a Professional to Winterize Your Garage Door
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Why Hire a Professional to Winterize Your Garage Door

Fall is here! If you’re like many Midwesterners, you’re busy soaking up those now-pleasant sun rays and, perhaps, making time to go on a nice hike and enjoy those fall leaves. While winters can be the worst here, at least autumn is gorgeous! As serene as your fall-time surroundings make you feel, though, now is the time to consider winterization practices for your home – including your garage door. 

Left field much? Okay so, not many people go around talking about garage door maintenance in general, fewer companies write blog posts on it, and fewer still dive into the consequences of failing to winterize this integral part of your home’s exterior.

However, as garage door installation and garage door repair professionals, our team at KBS Companies has seen all too frequently the costly breakdowns that neglecting your garage door can lead to. These breakdowns can sometimes even be hazardous to your health.

Wintertime Garage Door Failures

Failure to winterize your garage door can lead to...

●        Joints or hinges breaking. Metal undergoes a ton of strain when subjected to cold temperatures without protection. In the context of your garage door, this means that integral pieces, such as your joints or hinges, can become stuck, at best, or, at worst, they can snap altogether.

When your garage door doesn’t work, how on earth are you supposed to get to work in the morning? Even if you were to push it up manually, when the garage door is working with broken pieces, there is no guarantee that it’ll stay that way. This makes driving underneath it dangerous, both for you and your vehicle.

Nobody wants to deal with the pain, hospital bills, and auto repair costs that can come from hinges and joints breaking, so make sure that your garage door is ready for colder temperatures today!

●        Damage to everything inside. Your garage is supposed to act as a somewhat-insulated area for everything it stores. While you might not expect it to be as toasty as your fireside living room, throughout the winter the chill inside it should stay manageable.

That’s because if you’re like many Americans, the garage also acts as a storage space – and many of the contents within, from liquid automotive products to certain kinds of fuels, don’t take to the cold well.

To avoid potential engine damage from our wrathful Minnesotan winters, be sure to help your garage door prepare to handle them now!

●        Higher heating bills. Your garage is, obviously, connected to your home via doors or the like, and it probably shares walls with other interior rooms. If excessive frigid air seeps into your garage, imagine what that can do to your energy expenditures!

Keep yourself and your family toasty warm and comfortable this season and don’t forget to winterize, or you’ll end up paying your energy company in consequence.

Now that you’re on board with winterization (and you’d be silly not to, as it saves your pocketbook, health, and comfort), you might be tempted to swap tabs to your favorite search engine and look into DIY methods. Not so fast!

While there are many such resources littering the internet, you’re far better off seeking the help of the pros as KBS Companies. From residential garage doors to overhead garage doors to commercial garage doors, we’ve got experience maintaining them all, and we’d love to lend you our expertise.

DIY Garage Repairs Are Dangerous

Like we said above, broken springs and hinges can lead to a massively unpredictable, and thus dangerous, piece of equipment. We’d hate to see you hurt or your belongings damaged!

Please call us to take on the otherwise perilous task of winterizing and maintaining your garage door.

A Professional Knows How to Winterize All Garage Components

Garage doors, as is probably obvious, are made up of many moving parts, each of which serves an integral purpose to the function of the mechanism as a whole. If you’re a layperson, your attempts to attend to each and every one of these parts can easily lead to your forgetting or mismanaging one.

There are reasons why garage door repair professionals exist! They can manage the otherwise overwhelming process of prepping your garage door for winter, making sure the job gets done correctly and saving you stress and repair costs in the future.

Winterize Other Areas of Your Home or Business at the Same Time

Winterization isn’t just limited to your garage door, of course – it’s also necessary for your roof, siding, gutters, and countless other exterior and interior facets of your home.

Especially if it’s your first winter season here, you’re probably already struggling to manage your seasonal household or commercial responsibilities on top of everything else you have to do. The pros at KBS Companies would be happy to help your home and business with garage door repair. We and the rest of your building will thank you!

Contact KBS Companies for Garage Door Services

An ounce of prevention, as the old adage goes, is worth a pound of cure. Give our Plainview location a call today at 507-534-3855, or reach our Rochester building at 507-287-3264.


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