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Bring Your Farm Better Ventilation With ACME & KBS Companies

For over 80 years, ACME has been a go-to supplier for commercial, industrial, agricultural, horticultural, and OEM markets. ACME is a family-owned business that engineers, tests, and manufactures ventilation equipment.

KBS Companies is proud to partner with ACME because we trust their product quality and craftsmanship. Through our partnership with ACME, KBS can help your farm with some of the best ventilation equipment available for ag systems.

When you choose the right ventilation products for your specific needs, you’ll have a better ventilation system. We offer several types of ACME ventilation systems for dairy, poultry, swine, and OEM special applications.

Our team at KBS has put together some of our favorite ACME ventilation products for each type of barn you might have.

Our 3 Favorite ACME Ventilation Products

While ACME has many products for dairy ventilation, there are a few standouts. Give us a call or reach out to us online to discuss your unique needs and find the right ventilation equipment for your system!

Downblast Fans

Downblast fans are great for focusing air in specific locations, such as holding areas in the milking parlor. They’re also ideal for cooling your workers or machinery and work great in warehouses.

ACME’s downblast fans have focused, high-volume airflow exactly where you need it to be. These fans can even reduce the heating fuel demand of your buildings!

Turbulator Stir Fans

Say goodbye to cold and hot spots in your poultry house! With rising energy prices, ACME developed the Turbulator Stir Fan to help offset your cooling costs, with a focus on conserving energy and obtaining the best return on investment.

The Turbulator is a great way to destratify heated air in an open truss poultry house. This fan can move large quantities of air at low velocities in a flat, cone-shaped pattern. This helps provide uniform airflow over a large area with the least amount of dead spots and air blasts.

Modular Fan Systems

For better ventilation and a better aesthetic, check out the MFS57: Composite Butterfly Fan. This fan has been improved from previous versions. It uses a military-grade polymer material that is UV and chemical resistant.

With this fan, you’ll get the best efficiency within a variable RPM range of the fan. There are no belts to change either, which makes maintenance much easier.

KBS Is Your Direct Line to ACME Products

KBS Companies is committed to meeting your needs, particularly when it comes to having proper ventilation in your agricultural buildings. Our years of experience help us provide the best in agricultural construction and materials. Let us customize your ventilation systems using the best equipment from ACME and other leading manufacturers! We can reduce the spread of germs and keep your animals comfortable with the right products.

Check out our gallery and see what we’ve already accomplished! When you’re ready, give us a call at 507-534-3855 or send us a message on our website.

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