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Do Right By Your Livestock With Albers Feeds

Albers might be known by many for its corn and grits products, but the brand does more than people food. They’re a huge name in the livestock feed industry, as well as pioneers in the field.

When you feed Albers to your poultry or cattle, you’re baking on more than a century of innovation and pushing boundaries, as well as the comprehensive nutrition your animals need to grow strong. At KBS Companies, we’re proud providers of farm supplies, agricultural systems, and more, and we’re proud to partner with Albers and to therefore share in its continued legacy.

We strive to provide only top-quality farm supplies, and thanks to Albers’s continued track record of success, we know it’s a brand you can trust.

Livestock Supplies for All Sorts of Agricultural Systems & Arrangements

Albers primarily focuses on poultry feed, and it therefore offers a comprehensive lineup fit for all sorts of flocks. Consider a ration of broiler starter-grower for your group of meat birds, or an all-purpose blend for a mixed coop. Feeds geared towards providing nutrition for laying birds can help boost your productivity, while scratch serves as a tasty treat and boredom buster in cases where the animals are confined. No matter what sort of flock you keep, Albers and KBS have you covered.

But Albers’ expertise in livestock supplies doesn’t stop with poultry. Its general livestock line is safe for adult horses and all ages of cattle and sheep. Offer free-choice mineral blocks when needed for complete nutrition and strapping good health.

Shop Albers & Other Livestock Equipment Brands at KBS Companies

At KBS Companies, we understand that each agricultural operation is different and requires unique farm systems to be at its most efficient. That’s why we strive to provide a wide variety of livestock supplies, from feeds to comfort items to materials management and more.

Everything you’d ever need from a livestock equipment company is right here! Just stop in and chat with one of our staff and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction.

Our livestock equipment and expertise are second to none; visit either of our locations and see what we mean! With questions, you can reach our Rochester office at 507-287-3264 or our Plainview store at 507-534-3855.

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