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KBS Trusts Avidity Science for Animal Watering Systems

At KBS Companies, our experienced team carries a wide range of cow comfort products to help our customers maintain their farms and the health of their livestock. Through our partnerships with a variety of vendors, we can provide virtually any product for your needs.

Without a doubt, water is the most critical resource for livestock, and KBS can help ensure you have a clean supply of water available at all times. We partner with Avidity Science to provide cow cooling solutions for ag systems in Minnesota.

Cattle Cooling Water Systems

Milk production, reproductive performance, and health are all affected when cows experience heat stress. Avidity Science offers cattle cooling systems that will keep your herd comfortable, healthy, and productive year-round, even through the hottest months.

Research shows that water with low-pressure sprinklers cools cows more efficiently than fans alone. Avidity’s high-capacity soaker nozzles produce a coarse droplet spray that penetrates a cow’s hair and wets them to the hide. As the water evaporates, it pulls heat from the animal, just like sweating.

These cattle cooling water systems are perfect for holding pens, feed lines, exit lanes, breezeways, and robotic barns.

Benefits of Avidity’s Cool Sense™ – Motion Cooling System

Avidity’s controllers, which serve as the heart of the cattle cooling system, are recognized as the best in the industry. They are also the only cooling product on the market to feature Smart Mode technology.

The Cool Sense™ system allows you to adjust the soaking frequency and set the controller to the air temperature of your choice for when soakings begin. Plus, you can regulate and take control of the volume of water used.

  • Control the amount of water used by adjusting the shower time and minimize wasted water
  • Easy and economical to install and operate, offering a quick return on investment
  • Adapts to various lane widths and barn configurations
  • Includes unidirectional or bidirectional options
  • Includes two-year factory warranty on controller
  • Motion and temperature activated

Choose KBS Companies for a Variety of Cow Comfort Products

If you’re searching for products to provide your livestock with the utmost comfort, KBS Companies is ready to assist! We can make sure you have everything you need to operate successfully.

Avidity Science is just one of many trusted vendors we partner with to provide a comprehensive list of farm supplies for farms, both large and small. Let us help you reach success by finding the right solutions for your agricultural needs: Call us today at 507-534-3855!

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