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Farm Supplies Made With Innovation in Mind

Agriculture may have a reputation for being a traditional practice and sticking to the old ways—but the reality is far from that, and Balzer proves it. As a provider of farm supplies and agricultural systems with a focus on material handling, the company strives to offer “innovative products that help producers increase profitability,” according to its official website.

In today’s fast-paced day and age, you need farm supplies that not only do their job, but help you keep up with modern demands and the massive size of modern agricultural operations. Balzer and KBS Companies are proud to provide just such products that allow you to work both harder and smarter to get even the biggest jobs done right.

Balzer’s Grain Carts: Massive Productivity Thanks to Innovation at the Forefront

According to the product's web page, Balzer’s Field Floater 7 Grain Cart can unload at rates of up to 1,090 bushels of grain per minute. How’s that for efficiency? But that efficiency means nothing if the machine can’t be maneuvered. After all, your grain cart has to keep up with your combine and tackle rough, muddy fields with ease. While a nice perk, Unloading efficiency only makes up for lost time if the cart lags behind—not saves it.

Worry not with a Balzer cart! This machine is designed with state-of-the-art technology that allows for optimal mobility and a great feel behind whatever is pulling it. Combine that with cutting-edge data management, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a grain cart that works harder.

Other Farm Supplies Made to Handle Massive Operations

Manure handling is one of Balzer’s many strong suits—and it provides all the farm supplies you need for all stages of the process, whatever that means for your farm. From farm systems that simply store the nutrients to others that support agitation and crop application, you can count on this brand to help handle what may be a critical, albeit messy, part of working in large-scale agriculture.

You’ll find the same focus on innovation here that Balzer prides itself in otherwise. For example, the company’s Semi Tanker allows you to haul manure using a semi-tractor, thus saving your actual tractors for fieldwork and keeping them away from sometimes unfriendly roads.

KBS Companies: All Sorts of Agricultural Systems and More

We understand that running a large farm requires what seems like every agricultural system under the sun—which is why we aim to stock just that. Stop in today to see how we can improve your farm’s productivity! Questions? You can reach our Rochester office at 507-287-3264, or our Plainview shop at 507-534-3855.

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