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Alain Bioret founded Bioret Agri in 1993 to improve animal comfort. Since then, Bioret Agri has become a leader in products, research, and development for animal comfort. They understand that production and cost efficiency are vital and must be combined with animal well-being. Their reach extends to over 1,200,000 cows who sleep and walk in comfort and security thanks to Bioret Agri.

If your aim is to improve your cows’ comfort in barns, then Bioret Agri is the company to choose. KBS is happy to partner with Bioret Agri to help supply farmers and agricultural complexes with the best in cow comfort.

Dairy Cow Mattresses

A major product that Bioret Agri supplies is mattresses for dairy cows. When cows are not comfortable, their production can suffer. Instead, choose Bioret Agri mattresses to keep your cows happier.

Bioret Agri mattresses are waterbeds, which help to fight heat stress. They also have waterbed mattresses with integrated Aqua Board kneeboards. These mattresses help cows eliminate their calories more easily and reduce heat stress. These mattresses also reduce all pressure points and allow for optimal blood circulation, keeping your cows happier and healthier.

Happy cows produce better quality milk in larger quantities, so choose from several of Bioret Agri’s waterbed mattresses for cows.

Barn Flooring

Bioret Agri also has barn flooring, all of which helps improve the sanitary conditions of your barns, separate liquid effluents, and fight against dermatitis and lameness. Their signature V-Twin flooring can help with reducing ammonia emissions by about 45%.


V-BOT is a flooring, but also a robotic vacuum. V-BOT flooring is made entirely of rubber, and the robotic vacuum can clean the floors in circulation alleys. This amounts to a reduction of ammonia emissions by about 30%.

V-BOT flooring also allows the cows to feel safe and reduces injuries typically caused by hard flooring. With 3% slopes, the liquids are directed towards a suction point of the

vacuum scraper, which allows the robot to clean up.


Summers are hot, and with the number of cows inside a barn, the heat can increase even higher inside the barn. Bioret Agri offers a state-of-the-art ventilation system called the Cyclone 360. It provides high-speed airflow to beat heat stress. Cows will be cooler and more comfortable inside your barns during a scorching summer day.

Contact KBS Companies for More Information About Bioret Agri

Need to improve your cows’ comfort? Look no further than KBS’s partnership with Bioret Agri. We can help you purchase, install, and maintain your Bioret Agri products in your barns and agricultural complexes.

Need more information? Give us a call at 507-534-3855 or message us today! You can also pay us a visit at our Rochester, MN location or our Plainview, MN location.

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