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Five-Star Livestock Supplies Since 1925

“In 1925,” states this brand’s official website, “Orrie Coburn developed the Coburn One-Wire Electric Fencer, America’s first mass-produced electric fence, to help ranchers control livestock herds on large tracts of land in the expanding western United States.”

Since that one pivotal venture into the livestock supplies world, the industry has never been the same since. Four generations later, Coburn is still devoted to meeting the needs of agricultural facilities across the nation and globally. The Coburn Company, Inc. provides everything from management supplies to livestock equipment for grooming, making it one of the most comprehensive brands we at KBS Companies offer.

When you shop Coburn and KBS for your livestock equipment and farm system needs, you’ll find everything you need to ensure a healthy herd—and more!

One Livestock Equipment Company, an Entire Rural Lifestyle Covered

From horse clippers to cow lifters, Coburn’s supplies cross industries and fields, lifestyles and hobbies. You’d be hard-pressed to find a company that can provide the hardworking farmer to the weekend warrior with what they need to succeed in their respective pursuits.

Though the livestock equipment company is primarily focused on cattle, it makes farm supplies for a huge number of creatures—hogs, rabbits, horses, sheep goats, and more. You’ll even find footwear you need for mucking out!

Farm supplies, apparel, and more: you’ll find it all from Coburn, and you’ll find just the sort of service you need to make the most of that vast selection at KBS Companies.

Shop Coburn at KBS Companies for Friendly and Personalized Help With Your Farm System

Though comprehensive, Coburn’s vast stock can make it hard to find exactly what you need. It’s also impossible to order directly from the company’s website. That’s where we at KBS Companies come in.

As a provider of agricultural systems and more, we’ve forged relationships with Coburn and other top brands, as well as thoroughly familiarize ourselves with their lineups. The second you walk through the door, you’ll be met with a friendly associate who is ready to point you in the right direction.

To learn more about Coburn or any of our other agricultural system brands, reach out or stop in! You can contact KBS Companies’ Plainview store at 507-534-3855, or our Rochester location at 507-287-3264.

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