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DCC Waterbeds: Custom Solutions for Advanced Cow Comfort

The comfort for your livestock needs to be supportive and help alleviate pressure in areas like the udder, knees, and hocks. It takes a consistent commitment to creating a product that will exceed our client's expectations and ensure a durable option you can count on, and DCC Waterbeds is a trusted leader in advanced comfort solutions.

Keeping your animals happy and healthy is crucial to your business, and KBS Companies understands this. We partner with DCC Waterbeds because they offer long-lasting and consistent products with a proven design that clients worldwide know and trust.

Premium Quality Cow Comfort With DCC Waterbeds

For optimum comfort, you need a surface that's forgiving because this helps support the cow. You also need a product that keeps bacteria levels low and helps to shed moisture, and DCC Waterbeds deliver all three. This vendor’s designs offer an improved dairy farm system and are compatible with technologies like cooling systems, slatted floors, and robotic milking units.

Keeping the hocks protected is a focus of our design, resulting in optimal circulation to the legs and udder through consistent comfort. DCC products also help maintain temperatures, and their waterbeds are 5 to 10 degrees cooler in hot weather than other mattresses, sand, and manure solids. DCC beds are also designed never to pack down, which helps ensure that your resting cows are not disturbed and remain comfortable while in a resting state.

DCC has a full product line and includes five different designs to help fulfill your needs regardless of size or quantity. From extra-large four-chamber beds to our original single design, each offers consistency and cushioning to help reduce the stress for your animals by providing stability and consistency they need for optimal health.

The company uses the highest quality standards for testing and manufacturing to ensure they are meeting strict quality control requirements. DCC products are used in over 30 countries in various climates, sizes, and types and are our preferred choice for bedding material because they offer a simple and fast daily cleanup. This results in less work for you, less material in the manure stream, and less stress on the cows for a more productive and efficient business.

DCC Waterbeds: A Worldwide Provider of Cow Comfort Solutions

DCC Waterbeds have been used worldwide for almost 20 years, and the company stands by its products and offers a 10-year limited warranty in a freestyle barn setting.

The design also helps reduce bedding and labor costs because there's no need to use expensive equipment or top fill with additional bedding, leaving an exceptional product that helps keep your cow protected.

KBS Companies: A Trusted Provider of DCC Waterbed Products

For the highest level of support for your cow's comfort, DCC Waterbeds is a worldwide provider that KBS Companies stands by. Advanced solutions start with a company that knows ag systems, and our team is a trusted source whether you need farm supplies or support with barn construction in Minnesota.

No matter the size of the farm, our selection can help you find the products you need to be successful, so message us online or call us at 507-282-7970 today.

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