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Top-Quality Cow Comfort Products for Free-Stall Facilities & More

Free-stall facilities, which provide cattle with personal locations to lie down for a rest, are great for promoting cow comfort and wellbeing. Experts agree that well designed and managed dairy cow free stalls can reduce excessive standing, allow more efficient rumination, improve cleanliness, and minimize injury.

At KBS Companies, we’re proud to partner with Freudenthal Manufacturing, a Wisconsin livestock supplies company that produces the components agricultural systems need to improve the health of their stock. Their free-stall designs allow cattle to display and indulge in their natural resting behavior, and the other products they make also strive to cater to animal comfort.

Free-Stalls: For When Cow Comfort Matters

Freudenthal produces much more than just free-stalls; It has livestock supplies and cow comfort options for dairy parlors, too. But this company truly shines in this category, given all of the designs available for purchase and the sheer durability of each of them.

For instance, the Freudenthal Dual Rail System is “the strongest horizontal mounting system on the market, guaranteed.” And it features Gatorshield, which the brand claims “seals out most corrosive environments.”

Superior adjustability and compatibility with a variety of parts top off the pinnacle of performance. Its dog-bone designed free-stalls are similarly protected by Gatorshield, in addition to providing a wide space for cow lunging and making cleaning sand simple.

And that’s just scratching the surface of the free-stalls Freudenthal has available. No matter what you need prioritized in your cow comfort system, this company can provide.

Freudenthal Is Much More Than Cow Comfort Products

Though many of this livestock supply company’s products cater to cow comfort, like the barn ventilation and foot baths, Freudenthal excels in other categories as a farm supplies producer, too. From waterers to tie stalls, this brand takes great care to put quality into everything that it does.

This is evidenced by the company’s logo: “Quality built farm equipment.” Just like when you shop at KBS Companies, when you shop at Freudenthal, you’ll always get a product that you can rely on.

Shop KBS Companies Today for Freudenthal & All Your Favorite Livestock Equipment Brands

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