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A Dairy Industry Livestock Equipment Powerhouse Since 1918

Livestock equipment producers since 1918, Gardner is a well-known name in the industry. But their clout doesn’t mean that they’ve stagnated; according to the brand’s official website, it is “continually growing to better serve the changing needs of their farmer clients.”

With a 40,000 square-foot manufacturing plant located in Juneau, Wisconsin, Gardner is a pride-and-joy of the Midwest thanks to the sheer number of products it offers, as well as how it provides the resources to completely customize your dairy operation.

At KBS Companies, we’re proud to do business with this standout brand; our experienced staff are excited to help you navigate its vast number of products and take your agricultural system to the next level.

Comprehensive Agricultural Systems and All the Bits and Bobs to Go With Them

Part of working with farm systems: things break. It’s just how it is. While you certainly expect the livestock supplies you buy to put in the work that you paid for, eventually they will wear out—the new farmhand will clip something with the tractor, or perhaps a cow spooks into somewhere it shouldn’t be.

Regardless, when this happens, you can’t afford to purchase a completely new farm system every time, and this is where Gardner shines. With its huge selection of clamps, fittings, and more, you can easily get to repairing things around the farm. This also makes it easy to customize things in any way you like.

Of course, Gardner doesn’t just sell parts of livestock supplies! Pens, panels, cow trainers, stalls, hay racks, and more all fall under this company’s area of expertise. No matter if you’re looking to repair or buy anew, Gardner and KBS have you covered.

Shop Gardner Farm Supplies and More at KBS Companies

As a livestock equipment company, we understand that finding the right product out of the thousands available is no easy feat, and it’s certainly stressful when the welfare of your livestock and your profit are on the line. That’s why KBS Companies boasts a stellar team of knowledgeable staff that’s always able to point you in the right direction.

We’re not just a livestock equipment company; we’re a group of Minnesota locals who cares about the farms and agricultural systems and operations in our communities. For five-star service and just the farm supplies you need, stop in today!

With questions, reach our Rochester office at 507-287-3264, or our Plainview location at 507-534-3855.

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