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Livestock Supplies and Farm Systems for the Discerning Agricultural Professional

Though GEA is a massive company that makes more than just livestock supplies, it certainly shines in this department.

As a cutting-edge provider of everything from robotic milking equipment to technology-driven herd management practices, this company has the power to take your livestock equipment and farm systems to the next level.

On top of that, GEA cares for both the welfare of both the animals which its systems are used upon and the environment, meaning that you can feel good shopping with a livestock equipment company that cares—just like you can feel good shopping at KBS Companies!

Innovative Farm Supplies Solutions

With the ever-increasing demand for dairy, farmers must work harder than ever to turn a profit. But with GEA’s livestock supplies on your side, you can work smarter, letting you get more done in a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the effort.

For instance, the GEA DairyRobot R9500 performs each step of the milking process for you. According to the product’s page, this automated milking agricultural system is engineered to help you “focus on making the most of your time.”

But you need more than just one type of livestock supply to manage a dairy operation, and this livestock equipment company delivers. From manure management—cleaners, agitators, and more—to animal health and hygiene livestock equipment, GEA provides a huge range of cutting-edge agricultural solutions to take your farm into the future.

Support a Farm Supplies Provider That Cares

Healthy cattle provide good milk: it’s something farmers have accepted forever. GEA understands this, and their products work to cater to animal welfare, as their case study proves.

With livestock supplies exclusively dedicated to animal health and hygiene, too, it’s obvious that GEA cares about your herd just as much as you do.

The company also wants to provide its customers with “sustainable value creation” across industries, in addition to striving for high levels of social and environmental sustainability at its own locations.

KBS Companies: Proud Provider of GEA and More

Our agricultural systems and farm supplies company has everything you need to run a profitable operation and maintain a healthy herd. Stop in at our Rochester or Plainview locations today, or reach us at 507-287-3264 or 507-534-3855, respectively.

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