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Grainger Ventilation Equipment

Founded in 1927, Grainger has been a leading source of equipment and materials for businesses, and KBS is proud to partner with Grainger to bring you the best ventilation equipment for your agricultural business.

We know the importance of your business to your livelihood, and that’s why we partnered with Grainger to help your business thrive. We prefer to use leading manufacturers like Grainger for equipment vendors when we design and build your new building.

Choose the Best Equipment for Your Needs With KBS

Grainger is a premier source for many types of equipment, and as such, KBS is committed to bringing you only the best when it comes to new construction or retrofitting an older ventilation system.

Ventilation systems are important for your barns and other buildings because they help bring fresh air from the outside and replace the stale air inside. If you’re concerned about sicknesses spreading among animals, a proper ventilation system and filters can help slow the germs from spreading.

Ventilation systems can also include air curtains, which help keep temperature-controlled air inside and block out drafts, dust, and insects.

Why We Love Grainger

As a large company, Grainger will partner with companies like KBS to bring Grainger’s catalog to local businesses. They have almost 100 years of experience in customer service and providing the best equipment for all business sizes. Their catalog is diverse and comprehensive, with everything from HVAC equipment to safety gear.

Grainger also boasts fast shipping times, which means your orders arrive quickly and on time. Don’t wait around for slower deliveries.

KBS Can Customize Your Ventilation System

By partnering with Grainger, KBS is able to bring you top products for your buildings’ ventilation systems. By using a variety of ventilation products, we can ensure your buildings run smoothly and efficiently.

Ventilation Fans

Wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, and roof and attic fans are important parts of any ventilation system. Ventilation fans help maintain indoor air quality and regulate the air temperature. It helps circulate the fresh air through the building and takes out the old, stale air.

Roof and attic ventilation fans can help regulate moisture, heat, and stale air, which helps reduce the strain on your HVAC system.

Air Curtains

Air curtains are a good way to help lower energy costs in your buildings. They work by eliminating untempered air from outside entering through open doors and help keep dust, pollutants, and insects from entering the building.

Air curtains are safer than vinyl strip curtains. If you need a warmer space for working, heated air curtains can help make the environment warmer and more comfortable.

Shutters & Dampers

Dampers help regulate airflow within your buildings in your HVAC systems, and fire and smoke dampers shut to stop flames and smoke from moving through your ducts.

Dampers also help prevent reverse airflow.

Purchase Your Ag Ventilation Equipment From KBS

KBS Companies is committed to meeting your needs! With decades of experience, we continue to provide our customers with the best in commercial construction, ag construction, and more. When it comes to your ventilation needs, KBS can customize a variety of systems for your farm. Using the best equipment from Grainger, we can help solve your ventilation problems.

If you’re looking for a better ventilation solution, give us a call at 507-534-3855 or send us a message on our website.

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