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Livestock Supplies for the Conscientious Farmer

Any good agricultural worker knows basic livestock supplies are essential, but not enough to maximize production on their own. Of course feed, water, and bedding are all important, but to truly care for your animals and make the most of your facility, you need high-performance, high-efficiency solutions. From barn exhaust fans to cow brushes, investing in your animals’ quality of life not only demonstrates respect for the creatures you depend on for your livelihood, but also elevates your objectives on every scale.

For dairy, poultry, and swine operations, we highly recommend J&D Manufacturing, a versatile brand with countless products all made with the farmer in mind. Investing in livestock equipment, cow comfort products, and ventilation by J&D Manufacturing can result in many benefits for your operation, including:

  • Higher production capabilities
  • Ability to house more animals
  • Bigger return on investment

Quality livestock equipment also results in happier employees, because a worker who can do their job properly is a satisfied one. When you order J&D Manufacturing products from KBS Companies, you know you’ll be getting high-quality, innovative equipment built to work hard and to last long. To learn more, please give us a call at 507-507-534-3855 or message us on our contact page today.

Buy Your Livestock Equipment through KBS Companies

Running a livestock operation requires you to think about your animals’ comfort and wellbeing from multiple angles, from stall comfort to barn ventilation. J&D Manufacturing provides the tools you need to run a successful livestock operation and keep your animals healthy and comfortable.

  • Ventilation systems, recirculation fans, and exhaust fans allow for easy breathing and less spread of disease – ever important to both your animals’ welfare and your bottom line.
  • Livestock equipment such as stalls, gates, lighting, and more can boost your safety and productivity.
  • Cow comfort products like rubber mats deliver maximum comfort to the cows in your barn.

At the end of the day, who sells you your livestock supplies matters just as much as your livestock equipment company. You want to buy from a company who understands the unique needs of your agricultural operation and will work collaboratively with you to find the best livestock supplies for your needs. At KBS Companies, we take pride in our customer-focused approach. No matter what you need – even if you don’t know the answer – we’re ready and willing to help and provide.

  • We know where you’re coming from. We know that when it comes to the inherent nature of agricultural operations, your profits can be fragile. This is why we only sell the highest-quality products for ag systems.
  • We’re focused on solutions. Dwelling on a problem doesn’t fix anything. At KBS Companies, we see it as our duty to provide you with the livestock equipment that helps you tackle the everyday – and not so everyday – issues you face on the job.
  • We’re multipurpose. Our knowledge in everything from building materials to livestock equipment companies allows us to look at the problems you’re facing from multiple angles. You won’t find this trait in other, more specialized companies. Plus, with our wide selection of products, you can order all of your livestock equipment from a single company, which streamlines communications and allows you to get back to work quicker.

If you’re looking for the best in livestock supplies combined with the best in service, look no further than J&D Manufacturing and KBS Companies. To schedule a design consultation or learn more about our products, give our Plainview office a call at 507-534-3855 or contact our Rochester location at 507-287-3264.

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