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Stall Mats to Help Maintain Your Agricultural Systems

Face it: livestock are messy, and they don’t exactly care about where their ever-accompanying mess seems to end up. In other words: it usually ends up behind them on the floor. Thus, in addition to the right fencing, arena footing, cow comfort supplies and cow brushes, you’ll still need tough floor fortification to stand up to everything your livestock throw at your barn aisle.

That’s why KBS Companies is a proud vendor of Kraiburg rubber mats. According to the brand’s official website, they are the leading maker or mats in Europe for a variety of livestock industries—and for good reason.

What Stall Mats from Kraiburg can do for Your Barn:

  • Increase the cleanliness of your facility. | Even if you have state-of-the-art livestock supplies to clean up after your animals, the job still becomes easier with a smooth surface to complete it on. Scoop up droppings easily and quickly on cow mats and stall comfort products from Kraiburg and allow liquid mess to be absorbed into your bedding of choice, resulting in a deeper clean and thus healthier animals.
  • Reduce the likelihood of animal injury. | Horses spook. Cows stumble. With livestock equipment from Kraiburg, they’ll have a sturdy floor for their hooves to grip, providing solid footing and thus reducing the likelihood of injury. While you of course don’t want to see your animals injured for ethical reasons, it’s also true that injured animals cost time and money, two things every farmer wishes they had more of. Plus, stall comfort products and cow comfort items like stall mats help keep your animals safely supported while they heal, should they ever encounter an unlikely injury.
  • Preserve the integrity of pastures and other structures. | While items such as horse walkers can be more than useful, periodic use and heavy traffic means that the footing inside of them can become worn-down and eroded, thus requiring costly maintenance in order to keep them in functioning shape. Livestock equipment and stall mats from Kraiburg helps keep these heavily-used areas smooth, saving you money in the long run.

Contact KBS Companies for Help Finding the Right Kraiburg Livestock Supplies

We stock everything agriculture, from cow brushes to cow mats, and everything in between. No matter the size of your operation, we’re here to help! We’re waiting to hear your questions and be of service, so contact us today.

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