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Livestock Equipment for Watering

All creatures need water. From the smallest chick to a 1,000-lb horse, no animal can survive without this life-giving resource, making water a top priority of farmers everywhere. However, there are days when you can’t get out to water your stock – farm life is unpredictable! Weather, emergencies, and family life all can get in the way of providing for your animals, which can have a direct impact on your profits. Put these problems to rest and guarantee the health of your animals with the best livestock equipment and automatic waterers from Ritchie.

Ritchie Automatic Waterers for the Modern Farmer

  • Never worry about running out of water again. Horses can colic without proper access to drinking water. Cows can stop producing milk. On a large scale, both of these can be disastrous for any farmer, both from an economic standpoint and, sometimes, and emotional one too. With Ritchie Waterers on your side from KBS, a livestock equipment company, you’ll never need to fret about your livestock being poorly watered. It’s like having an extra hand around the farm!
  • Save on your water bills with the right livestock supplies. Hoses can leak. Buckets can crack as you haul them to the trough. Though one-time incidents might not look like much, over time, they add up in the form of wasted water and higher bills. Ritchie Waterers provide the right amount of water every time, minimizing the potential for spillage and waste. Embrace the efficiency Ritchie can bring!
  • Other livestock supplies are pricey and prone to injuring your animals. Richie is a safe and economical alternative. While buckets and troughs certainly do their jobs well, they’re subject to breakage. Trough heaters can melt their containers if used incorrectly, and a single kick from a cow or a horse can shatter a water bucket. This, of course, can add up to money wasted, but both can feasibly injure your livestock, potentially leading to expensive vet bills. Keep your creatures safe and profitable with a Ritchie automatic waterer.

Get All the Livestock Supplies You Need From KBS Companies

While Ritchie is amazing at watering your animals, KBS Companies is your one-stop shop for that and everything else. Visit our Plainview or Rochester locations today for any of your farming needs, or contact us for personalized help.

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