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Material Handling Farm Systems as Hardworking as You Are

Running a commercial farm isn’t about feeding and watering from a pail day-to-day; it’s so much more! Large-scale operations need the farm supplies and machine power to deliver nutrition to swaths of livestock, not just one or two that live in a run-down family barn—and we won’t even get started on manure disposal!

Indeed, big farms mean big farm systems, and Roto-Mix is a brand that manufactures just these. From auto-feed systems to manure spreaders to compost mixers under its belt, this is the brand of agricultural system that has the muscle to fix any material-handling issues.

See Livestock Flourish With Roto-Mix’s Livestock Equipment

In a perfect world, when a worker distributes large quantities of feed, every animal will receive the balanced nutrition that it needs. However, the reality is that many feeds are not homogenous; instead of a single, smooth blend, they’re made up of variously sized pieces, some of which settle to the bottom of their respective chambers or cannot be evenly distributed. The result: some animals get insufficient nutrition, while others get more than their fair share!

Feed mixers are a seamless solution. Indeed, Farming Magazine says that “Selecting the right mixer maximizes nutrition” as far as livestock are concerned, and we at KBS believe they’re one of many farm supplies that every agriculture expert needs on their large-scale livestock facility. As their name implies, they mix feed into a more even concentration, making sure every animal gets the quality care and nutrition they need.

Roto-Mix offers feed mixers in both horizontal and vertical orientations to suit your feeding needs, along with various sizes within those categories.

Cut Down on Worker Stress With Roto-Mix Farm Systems

Face it: farm life is hard. When your income rides on the back of living creatures and their welfare, day-to-day goings-on bring you enough stress—so let Roto-Mix’s farm systems shoulder some of the load.

Unique auto-feed agricultural systems use modern technology to make accurate feeding as simple as a few button presses. Manure spreaders take care of the hassle of getting the skid steer out to the pile, not to mention eliminating the blight upon your farm’s landscape.

Indeed, Roto-Mix doesn’t just boast farm supplies that are good for livestock; these farm systems are good for people, too!

Shop Roto-Mix and More at KBS Companies

From small livestock equipment to massive material-handling agricultural systems, we’ve got everything you need for a smoothly running farm. Stop in at our Plainview or Rochester locations or reach us at 507-534-3855 or 507-287-3264, respectively.

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