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Roll-O-Matic: Your AG Curtain Experts

When you need maximum climate control and enhanced animal ventilation, Roll-O-Matic has the products to help your business succeed. Cattle comfort is a priority for production and good herd health, and Roll-O-Matic systems have set the standard.

At KBS Companies, our commitment to quality includes complete satisfaction for our clients, which is why we are a trusted name in the ag systems industry. We work with vendors like Roll-O-Matic to deliver everything you need to enhance your farm.

Working with KBS Companies means you will receive the highest quality products available, and Roll-O-Matic is a proven source of exceptional services and ag curtain solutions.

AG Curtain Solutions With Roll-O-Matic

Roll-O-Matic’s ag curtain design offers a rugged durability that includes low maintenance and a simple operating procedure to help create an unmatched functional and efficient system. The results of this mean you will be able to maximize the climate control in your barn to help keep your livestock more comfortable and improve their health no matter what kind of animals you have.

High-quality curtains also enhance insulation properties, which means your stock will be protected from wind and harsh weather. This helps keep temperature regulation more manageable and helps your livestock thrive even in harsh weather conditions. You need flexible insulation that offers various thicknesses so you can pick a material that works for your needs no matter where you live.

The system designs come in four different options, from one-piece three-hem to double-three hem curtain systems that can accommodate openings up to 14 feet and work effectively with ventilated barns that generate static pressure. Roll-O-Matic custom designs the curtains for each installation, and our team at KBS Companies will work with you to find the best system for your situation.

This vendor’s curtain operating systems come in a manual version operated with a hand crank. Reversing and limit switches offer an easy-to-use option for more control and less motor damage risk.

Roll-O-Matic also has a full temperature-controlled option that functions based on temperature probes inside your building.

Roll-O-Matic: Quality You Can Count On

At KBS Companies, we understand the need for proper ventilation because it keeps your animals healthy and helps make your operations successful. Roll-O-Matic curtains are designed to be weather resistant and offer a high-quality solution that our clients know and trust.

Roll-O-Matic also takes pride in ensuring complete customer satisfaction, and we provide ongoing support even after the sale is completed, so you never have to worry.

KBS Companies: A Trusted Supplier for Roll-O-Matic Products

When you need the highest quality AG curtains for your barn, Roll-O-Matic delivers, and KBS Companies proudly stands by their products.

If you're looking for these or other agricultural system supplies, we have you covered because we offer solutions in Minnesota you can count on, from barn construction to livestock equipment.

Our team is here to answer all your questions, so contact us online or call us at 507-282-7970 today.

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