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Schaefer Equipment: Experts in Ag Ventilation

It takes years of commitment to the business and being an industry leader in manufacturing to design the highest-quality equipment for commercial, agricultural, and industrial markets, and Schaefer Equipment delivers. With nearly 70 years of experience, the brand is committed to providing exceptional products and exceeding customer expectations worldwide.

At KBS Companies, our customers are our top priority. We offer a variety of services for your agricultural systems, and we want to ensure you receive products you can depend on.

That’s why we partner with leading vendors like Schaefer Equipment for ag ventilation products.

What Schaefer Offers for Ag Systems

Schaefer’s primary goal is to offer complete solutions with continuously tested and improved products to help deliver the maximum air flow and efficiency you can count on.

Providing adequate and safe ventilation is essential because without proper error circulation, this can become hazardous and cause safety issues with air quality, resulting in fire hazards and noise pollution.

Ventilation systems are also crucial to crop and plant production, and agricultural environments help reduce heat buildup, which can directly affect the stress level in plants and animals. Proper ventilation helps maintain precise environmental conditions while assisting with proper circulation, reducing contaminant exposure, and improving air quality for an optimal environment.

Schaefer Equipment offers many different sizes and products, including evaporative spot coolers, in-line duct fans, heavy-duty exhaust fans, evaporative cooling systems, and environmental controls to keep the area in the desired conditions for maximum efficiency.

The fans are designed to resist corrosive air, gasses, high temperatures, moisture, and or spark resistance while at the same time providing superior performance. They also use the highest-quality materials, which means a lower operating cost for you, resulting in a higher ROI over time.

More Than Ventilation

Comfort also requires an efficient heating and cooling system, and Schaefer Equipment also offers products to help keep interior and exterior spaces more comfortable. From fixed, portable gas heaters or misting fans and portable evaporative coolers, you can find durable products that offer energy-saving solutions streamlined for your needs.

All the Schaefer Equipment products are built with proven UVC technology to help keep your air quality at optimum levels, and they come in multiple filtration stages to help increase the confidence of your customers, staff, and visitors.

Schaefer also specializes in shutters and intakes to help enhance the space and create a more comfortable environment by distributing fresh air into the area.

KBS Companies: A Proud Supplier of Schaefer Equipment

From ventilation systems to outdoor heaters, Schaefer Equipment has you covered, and KBS Companies is a provider you can trust. Whether you need to design dairy housing or a reputable building material supplier, we proudly carry all the top-rated brands in Minnesota.

At KBS Companies, we are 100% committed to excellence for our client's projects, so message us online or call us at 507-534-3855 to get started today.

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