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Consider the Pros at Metal Sales for Metal Roofs

Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation is a nationwide premier provider of metal panels for commercial, agricultural, and residential construction. They are dedicated to offering design solutions that have a longer lifespan and higher resale value than traditional building materials.

Metal Sales has the expertise to address high-performance, sustainable, and Net-Zero building challenges. They have won many awards for excellence in building and are a reliable company to work with. Their high-quality roofing materials are a great way to achieve the look you want for your residential or agricultural buildings.

Metal Sales offers a wide selection of roofing options to make any look possible. Those are some of the reasons why KBS Companies has partnered with Metal Sales.

This building materials vendor has the same goal as us: to provide our customers with the best roofing materials possible!

Metal Sales Roofing Products

Metal roofs have several advantages over traditional roofing materials for commercial applications.

  • Metal roofing is made to last much longer than other roofing materials, as it can last for 60 or more years.

  • Metal roofing materials are also durable and eco-friendly. Everything from a metal roof can be recycled into new metal panels, which keeps scraps out of landfills.

  • Metal roofing systems are also cost-effective and have great warranties.

Metal Sales has two primary types of metal roofing systems.

Exposed Fastened

Exposed fastener metal roof panels are an affordable option for commercial, residential, and agricultural buildings. Metal panels can be installed over an existing shingle deck for a seamless look. They’re perfect for durable, eco-friendly roofing.

Concealed Fastened

Concealed fastener metal roof panels are an alternative that offers a sleek design and more durability. Because of the aesthetics of the hidden fasteners, they’re very popular with residential buildings. They are stronger and require less maintenance while also having a long life.

Work With KBS to Bring Metal Sales Products to You

Working with KBS Companies for building materials means you receive access to the best companies for roofing materials, like Metal Sales. When you need the best metal roof, contact KBS, and we’ll help you get the best quality roof for the right price.

To learn more about how KBS can connect you with Metal Sales, give us a call at 507-534-3855 or send us a message on our website.

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