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Many businesses struggle to get on board with the idea of a steel pre-engineered building. Using a large proportion of metal components, they worry, might make a building feel inflexible and cold. But don’t shortchange a pre-engineered construction before you’ve seen what the best in the business can do! With Butler’s pre-engineered steel buildings and the helpful construction company staff at KBS Companies, your business can embrace the benefits of a customizable, hardy, quick-to-build structure that melds seamlessly with your company’s workflow.

Pre-Engineered Buildings Made to Fit Your Needs

Though all parts will arrive at the construction site pre-made and ready to erect, pre-engineered buildings don’t need to be cookie-cutter. In fact, many Butler customers have worked closely with their construction company of choice to ensure that their pre-engineered building suits their desires and needs.

Because steel pre-engineered buildings are so structurally sound, for example, the floor plan opportunities are vast. Customize your building to fulfill your wildest dreams with Butler. Plus, with the experienced and customer-focused service at KBS Companies, you can be sure that your structure will synergize effortlessly with your business’s future operations.

Butler Construction

Purchase a Tough Pre-Engineered Construction

Steel is tough, but Butler makes it tougher. With innovative designs and generous warranties, the company strives to provide sturdy pre-engineered structures that can stand the test of rough weather and time alike. With KBS Companies enlisted as your local construction company, too, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll get the top-quality results you paid for. Just like Butler, we work hard to make sure your investment is worthwhile.

Butler Construction

Get Your Pre-Engineered Building Completed in a Snap

In general, pre-engineered buildings are much quicker to complete than more traditional buildings, simply because all parts arrive pre-cut. However, it still takes a talented MN construction company to put them together to the exact specifications and maximize the pre-engineered building’s potential. You’ve probably struggled to put together out-of-the-box furniture before; imagine if that were your local construction company!

Luckily, we at KBS Companies are experienced builders. Our family has been working as a construction company since the 1920s. There’s nothing we haven’t seen. With the inherent quick construction of pre-engineered buildings and our hard-earned expertise on your side, your project will be completed in no time.

Contact KBS Companies and Get Started on Your Project Today

If you’re looking for the best MN construction company, quite frankly you’ve found it. To get started on your pre-engineered building, contact KBS Companies’ Rochester location at 507-287-3264, or our Plainview location at 507-534-3855.

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