Liftmaster: The Most Advanced Garage Door Openers

Liftmaster is the king of overhead door innovation. From firehouses and apartment communities to single-family homes, any property can enhance security and functionality with Liftmaster garage door openers and accessories. Get optimal performance with Liftmaster, plus friendly prices, great service, and superior installation when you choose KBS!

  • Enhance Your Property With a Smart Garage Door Opener
    Liftmaster’s opener with an integrated video camera lets you see and hear what’s happening in your garage anytime.
  • Protect Your Home or Building With Advanced Security Features
    With a wide range of security features, Liftmaster garage door openers and accessories make your garage more secure.
  • Enjoy Expert Garage Door Services
    KBS offers full-service garage door solutions, from helping you choose the right door and opener to installation and repair.

There are few problems that Liftmaster plus a great garage door installation company can’t solve. Are your tenants complaining of slow-to-open garage doors? Is the cold storage at your commercial business just not as consistently chilly as it used to be? There’s an overhead garage door solution for almost every need.

Every business can enhance functionality by improving their commercial overhead doors. Let Liftmaster and KBS work together to help your business innovate and achieve success! Our garage door professionals can ensure quality service and installation. Contact KBS today to get started!

Why Choose Liftmaster?

  • Top provider of garage door openers and accessories
  • Innovative solutions to enhance your garage
  • Intelligent security features for protection and peace of mind

Liftmaster’s wheelhouse is primarily garage door openers and accessories, whether that be for barn garage doors, residential garage doors, or something entirely different. Even if you have no idea why you’d even want to improve the functionality of your garage doors, we at KBS are willing to educate, and the success of Liftmaster is a perfect example of why.

Smart Garage Door Openers With Cameras

Curious about what critter’s been eyeing your garage for a winter hibernation space? Have valuable vehicles or other items that you just can’t leave unprotected? A smart garage door opener plus a camera from Liftmaster can help.

With the brand's quality combined with the power to operate your overhead garage door remotely, products from Liftmaster ensure that security in your residential or commercial garage is airtight. When you can’t compromise, this is the garage door opener company for you.

Corner-to-Corner Lighting

Tired of stumbling around in a dimly lit garage space after a long day of work? Do you stay up late tinkering on machinery? You need corner-to-corner lighting from Liftmaster.

Brightness like no other and battery-powered backup make Liftmaster’s products the ultimate in illumination performance. But don’t worry about waking your family or irritating your coworkers with such a high-powered machine; it retains the quietness and low vibration levels so sought after in garage door openers everywhere.

Advanced Security Features

If you want comprehensive garage protection, Liftmaster offers even more in the name of increasing security. Pre-programmable closing times and motion-activated lights mean that nobody will get in (or out!) of your garage without your knowing about it.

Plus, with Liftmaster’s automatic garage door locks, you never need to worry about your family’s or company’s safety. Useful for businesses and homes alike, security technology from Liftmaster grants steady, trustworthy protection and universal peace of mind.

Battery Backup

If you live in an area that suffers frequent storms or just simply want extra functionality, battery backup for your garage door opener is perfect for you. When power supply to your home is otherwise unavailable, battery backup products can switch power sources and continue to perform effortlessly.

If your power goes out, it can be difficult to keep your life running smoothly, but products from Liftmaster mean you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Contact KBS for Comprehensive Garage Door Services

Ready to streamline your life with an overhead door opener and accessories from Liftmaster? KBS Companies is here to help. Give our Plainview office a call today at 507-534-3855, or reach our Rochester store at 507-287-3264.

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