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L&L Sales and Service, Inc.

KBS Is Proud to Partner With L&L Sales and Service, Inc.

At KBS Companies, we work hard to ensure farmers across Minnesota and Wisconsin find the best agricultural system services available, from livestock equipment and materials handling to ag system maintenance and installation. That is why we trust L&L Sales and Service, Inc. as a top vendor for ag construction, equipment, and cow comfort services.

As a leader and innovator in agriculture, every employee at L&L Sales and Service, Inc. does honest work. Therefore, every customer gets honest service. Now that’s a vendor we can stand by!

What L&L Sales and Service, Inc. Can Do for You

Based in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, L&L Sales and Service, Inc. was created by those in the ag industry for those in the ag industry. The company’s pre-designed and pre-engineered buildings serve various purposes, such as equestrian, dairy, suburban or hobby needs, and more.

KBS Companies partners with L&L Sales and Service, Inc. to find solutions for all your agricultural needs. Learn more by speaking with a member of our helpful team today!

Agriculture Construction

L&L Sales and Service, Inc. provides several construction services specific to agriculture in Wisconsin. Whatever you are looking for, this is a trustworthy brand with a range of quality products, great building systems, and purposeful designs.

Building systems include:

  • Steel or Wood Combination
  • Structural Insulated Panels
  • Post-Frame with LVL Rafters
  • Trusses
  • Starwood Trusses

Cow Comfort Services

The ag industry veterans at L&L Sales and Service, Inc. know how to make your cows comfortable with high-quality products and services. Get everything you need: cow mats, water beds, calf housing, cattle brushes, waterers, and pre-built ventilation systems.

Manure Handling

Get the right manure handling equipment for the job: L&L Sales and Service, Inc. provides pumps, augers, manure tankers, alley scrapers, and barn cleaners.

When you have a long day ahead, let KBS Companies and L&L Sales and Service, Inc. help you handle the dirty work!

Feed Handling

Need some extra help with feed handling for your animals? Our experts can help you select the right equipment to get the job done.

We recommend L&L’s range of TMR mixers, silo unloaders, feed conveyors, feed carts, roller, and hammer mills from the top brands in the agriculture industry.

Pre-Engineered Ag Buildings

L&L Sales and Service, Inc. knows your business is yours only, and the commercial construction services you hire should honor those unique needs. The company provides pre-engineered buildings for education, church, retail, and office building projects.

Improve Ag Productivity With Quality Ag Vendors From KBS

L&L Sales and Service, Inc. is just one of several leading ag vendors we partner with at KBS Companies; other standouts include Albers, Coburn, J&D Manufacturing, and more. When you come to our team to design your agricultural system, we can help you complete the project from start to finish.

Whether you’re looking for a simple design for one of your new farm buildings or searching for a turn-key farm design to enhance productivity and efficiency, we strive to provide solutions for all your agricultural needs.

To learn more about improving your ag systems with KBS and quality vendors, connect with our team online or call us at 507-534-3855.

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